Last year Peter helped me with my spider phobia. I decided to deal with it as it was affecting my life. I would scream and run at the sight of even a small spider and had stopped going to places I might see them e.g. sheds etc. I felt only exposure therapy may have a chance of working but was not confident.
After 3 sessions i went to a pet shop and held a tarantula but the real test came this week when I, not only did not scream and run at the site of a large spider in the bath, but managed to get it out of the bath and return it to the garden and let it run over my hand. I cant believe it really and all thanks to Peter.

September 2015

I called Peter's Office number when I was facing a turmoil in my life and was shattered, depressed and had lost my sense of well being. I was even scared to call for help. When he answered the call, I remember hearing a kind voice that was eager to help. That gave me some courage and I booked for a session. I didn't have to wait long for an appointment either. Peter, with his professional, well educated and kind approach, has made a lifelong impact on my ability to deal with stress and depression. Just after a few sessions with him, he was able to bring a positive change in my situation. I would highly recommend Peter to anybody facing problems in their personal, social or work lives but are scared to seek for help or scared to expose their vulnerabilities for the fear of being judged. Peter, would give you enough time, so you can unravel your problems at your desired pace and as per your convenience. He would not judge you and using his expertise, will give you an opportunity to face your fears and help eliminate them. Thank you Peter for helping me out and for showing me the path to self improvement.

January 2014

Thank you Peter for all the help you gave me and my husband , 4 years clean , a whole new life with my husband , his learnt to think in a whole new way , if it hadn't been for you we wouldn't even be together, I live a very happy and fulfilled life thank you again.

Shaz Whatson
January 2014

Hi Peter,

I wanted to give you an update on how I am doing.
I have just got back from a 2 week holiday in Mexico where we stayed in a hotel in a jungle (Wouldn't of booked that hotel before!) and I saw 2 snakes on my holidays. 1 was in a nature park, just crossing the path and the second was in the resort, again crossing the path. Happy to say I was fine, no reaction and no panicing, no bad dreams......

I still need to see how I am with someone holding one in my presence but so far so good.

So a huge thank you to you and I will always recommend you to anyone! As for what you have achieve with me in 10 - 12 weeks people thought could never happen!

27 May 2013

I have great pleasure in recommending Peter, totally professional yet totally approachable. We met while training together several years ago and I found an instant warmth, compassion and great humour with Peter. His smile is infectious and he has a wonderful ability to make someone feel warm and totally comfortable in his company. A wonderful attribute to possess. He has the great quality of very quickly getting to the source of the issue and can work with you to really 'change your mind' and then in turn change your life. Sometimes you may be stuck in a rut and not know the reason why, almost stagnant, procrastinating, wasting your life. Life is for living and living it to the full. Most of us have experienced a flat battery in our car and have needed to jump start the engine on a frosty morning. Occasionally this happens in our lives too, when you're running low on life visit Peter who can give you the MOT you need, I like to think that stands for Mind of Transformation. Let 2013 be your year and what a wonderful treat to give yourself, I only have praise for Peter and would highly recommend him.

Elaine Harrison
(Jan 2013)

Emily"Thank you" card from a young lady who overcame anxiety that was preventing her from feeling safe anywhere apart from her home.

Click on date below for full size image.

30 April 2013

I have met Peter at a very hard part of my life. The few months of therapy I had with him in 2010 had opened up a life jorney for me. The hypnotherapy I had somehow "rewired" parts of my emotional brain and nearly three years after the therapy I still feel the positive effects from it. I would recommend Peter to anyone that wants do deal with personal issues or just to know more about themselves.

Verginia Vlaykova
(Jan 2013)

I have known Peter for over 10 years now, he is a valued member of my referral team. He is clearly at the top of his game, insightful, perceptive, enthusiastic, relIable and very professional. I have no hesitation in referring clients to him and I am proud to know him professionally and personally.

Siobhain Crosbie
(November 2012)

This is my therapist has been for many years I'm not ashamed to say that I have problems I've learnt with Peter to deal with my problems he is a very loyal,open,caring man and sometimes I don't know what I would do without him I lost 2 of my children Who died suddenly was taken away from me over the years Peter has helped me deal with the effects of this, I trust him completely, he has become my friend and sometimes my doctor,my shoulder to cry on,my lifeline,my person who I can say whatever I want to say person without any judgement I could write about Peter all day I just just want to thank the universe that he was sent to me all those years ago....... Thankyou Peter for being there for me whenever I need you your a saviour, can't wait to see u Wednesday the tea will be on my friend for life...... Channelle Hurley (actor)

Channelle Hurley
Sept 2012

I went to see Peter after life started getting out of hand, problems with self esteem, sugar/food addictions, fear of everything. Peter helped me talk through what was causing my issues, see that nothing was as bad as I thought it was, think more positively and the hypnotherapy helped cement it and give me the motivation and tools to handle everything in a less reactionary way. He made me feel comfortable enough to disclose some very personal details, I would recommend Peter 100 times, I am so grateful for where I am now.

Joe B
31 Aug 2012

I have recently visited Peter Phelps, for various issues i had in my life, that needed to be addressed, as i was slowly destroying my life with self distruction. My first meeting with Peter, was very relaxing, and he made me feel at ease. Everything in my life was wrong and i couldn't see no way out, we talked about some personal issues, regarding my neglect as a child and how this has had a major impact in my everyday life. I was using cocaine for over 10years recreational and my gambling addictions was out of control. I've seen peter three times on a weekly basis. the second time i had a hypnotherapy, i wanted to address my cocaine use first. After leaving this wonderful experience i havn't had any cocaine or have i had any thoughts of doing so, i have not gambled and my relationship with my mother has changed, I'm no longer angry. I strongly recommend peter. and would like to thank him from the bottom of my heart. god bless you.

08 Sep 2011

I contacted Peter Phelps when I reached a low ebb in my life during April 2011. Hopelessly in love with my partner at that time, against my will, I had ended our relationship due to his suspected infidelity. Waves of emotions were out of control, pains in my stomach, dizziness, uncontrollable crying, trembling, sleepless nights, caused me to seek professional help as there was nothing my close friends could say or do to make me feel better. I spent a decent amount of time researching therapists on the internet and selected Peter Phelps from a list of hopefuls. The initial telephone conversation stopped the pains in my stomach and the uncontrollable crying. A face to face consultation followed and I walked out of his beautiful offices smiling and confident about me as a person and my outlook on life. Five days later, the confidence has remained and I have not shed another tear although memories of my ex partner still live within me. I would recommend Peter, in fact, I intend to remain in touch with him for positive reasons as a Life Coach to discuss ideas on how to pass my honors degree with flying colours, finances, anything and everything. Thank you, Peter for being there.

Dee Airey
21 Apr 2011

I initially went to see Peter Pnelps for exam and interview nerves. He helped me to see that there were lots of other areas where a lack of confidence was affecting my life. After several sessions my whole outlook has changed and I feel so different, not only in exams and interviews, but in lots of other ways including social and work situations. I'm also able to use lifts now, which is another unexpected benefit.

Peter is very thorough, and often runs over at the end of a session if necessary, rather than not completing what he wants to achieve. Highly recommended.

Matthew McMaster
26 Aug 2010

From a young age I was always very easily infulenced. In my mid teens my parents separated and divorced, which unbeknownst to me at the time cause some serious emotional problems, being a single teenage lad I didn't really have anyone to turn to, to discuss my feelings, so I turned to drink and drugs as a solution. I was a sporadic cocaine user, and often heavy drinker. As I got on later in life I have self moderated the drink and don't drink as much however, when I tended to drink my inhibitions went out the window and ended up using cocaine.
It had gotten to the point where I was unable to beat this alone so I contacted Peter. Peter was extremely understanding and explained to me how he'd seen and huge increase in this issue. Since my session with Peter I have been in a number of situations where those around me are taking cocaine and I have felt little or no urge to join in. Peter really has done wonders for me, and would strongly recommend him for any issues you may be struggling with. Tom

Tom M
04 Apr 2010

For as long as I can remember, I have been terrified of cats, to the point where I would have a severe panic attack, cry, be short of breath etc. I finally decided enough was enough and booked a hypnotherapy session with Peter. I had a second one less than a week later and last night, I visited a friend who's cat has always had to stay in the bedroom when I am there, she brought the cat out, he was walking around my feet and I was completely comfortable. I also stroked him, and felt fine, something I never expected! I cant quite believe the results, I am shocked and very happy and could not have done it without Peter. It was an emotional couple of hours when we discussed it but it really worked. Thank you so much!

15 Oct 2009

My 10 year old daughter suffered for 3 years with a severe phobia of vomiting. I tried everything to help her and finally found Peter Phelps. After one Hypnotherapy treatment my daughter showed a dramatic improvement! I would definately recommend Peter to anyone whos child is suffering with a phobia. His brilliant.

Natalie Lock
10 Sep 2009

Had 3 excellent sessions with Peter as I was sleeping badly. Now I have excellent sleep every night!
Thank you Peter.

25 Jun 2009

For as long as I can remember I have had a phobia of needles and injections, with it brought fears, anxieties and being unable to keep any rational control over my reactions. Over the years I had thought about confronting my phobia but never had the courage to do so, until last year when having to go through a routine operation which involved a local aesthetic. I once again freaked out and realised that I could not carry on my life reacting like that and that I wanted to change. Only 2 Days later I had my first meeting with Peter and I have never looked back. It was an emotional journey but with the help of Peter I have been able to move on and for the first time last week I actually went for my first Tetanus injection since I was a toddler, some 30 years ago.

Peter has given me the courage in myself that I never thought I could have and I now look at the whole process in a completely different light. For anyone reading this who has thought about Hypnotherapy or Psychotherapy as a way of dealing with their phobias then I would wholly recommend Peter as he has shown me that I don’t have to live with that fear in my life anymore.

18 Apr 2008

after being diagnosed with a nasty disease i became very depressed peter helped me to think more clearly about my situation and to accept and deal with it in various ways thank you

Keely Mingard
24 Feb 2008

hi there ,

thanks to peter I have not smoked over 1 year now. I had tried different ways to stop but they did not work so I though what the hell give a go well now I wished I had tried peter frist and saved even more money.
I have see peter since to help with an exsam that I was nervous about, he help me again so thank you peter with the help

Scott Hoskins
19 Feb 2008

It's been one week now since I had my last cigarette after having Peter's hypnosis, combined with a course of Champix from my GP. Not one single desire to smoke since then! Amazing! Highly recommended.

Dominic Lowes
04 Feb 2008

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