Gambling Addiction

Here’s a piece about gambling addiction that I filmed for the TV show “What’s Up”.

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Over the years I’ve treated a number of clients for gambling addiction with considerable success. I noticed that most of them seemed to have something in common – they were very suggestable, which made them ideal candidates for hypnosis.

This tends to suggest that there is some connection, or some similarity, between the trance state induced in hypnosis and the mental state involved in addictive gambling, which would explain why they went into the hypnotic “trance state” very easily, and very deeply, and responded really well to the therapy used in hypnosis.

The other common characteristic was that they had all reached rock bottom financially, having to beg, borrow and even steal from friends and family, ‘robbing Peter to pay Paul’, caught in a cycle of desperation, yet regularly drawn like a magnet to blow even more money on the kick of placing a bet.

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