Alcohol & Binge Drinking

alcohol-addiction-1Most people are familiar with Alcoholics Anonymous and their 12-step programme. Since 1935 they have helped thousands of people to make the transition from daily alcohol dependence to total abstainance. For many people with chronic alcohol dependence, the AA programme is undoubtedly a very effective solution.

However, the AA programme is not suited to everyone. Many people do not have a daily alcohol habit, but find that when they do have a drink, their drinking spirals out of control. If this is what happens to you, the good news is that you don’t have to stop drinking completely. I have a proven track record of helping people to put their own boundaries in place so that they can still enjoy a few drinks without embarrassing themselves or compromising their safety, or careers.

Others find that the AA emphasis on group work and spirituality or religion is not to their taste. If you have found that AA is not for you, I offer an alternative that doesn’t involve prayer, or “sharing” with a room full of strangers.

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